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Rates & Details

Rates vary due to the complexity of each photo shoot. Travel, image quantity and workflow are all factored in, to determine the over all cost of an assignment.

Tom Hunter Photography has setup a default and basic photography rate for residential real estate only. This rate (with details) will be disclosed upon request, please see below for photography details.

Photography Details


  • Prior to every photo shoot (if permitted), the photographer will determine the ideal time to photograph a property (unless pre-scheduled for a specific time).

  • On location, a shoot of six to eight images may take between two to three hours.

  • Assisted staging may be required to enhance the look of the image (which is very common). Every property is unique (and challenging) to photograph, so extra time (of meticulous planning) is usually taken for optimum placement of items and composition.

  • Following the photo shoot (on location), payment is required (by check or credit card w/processsing fee) in order to move forward with the assignment.

  • Images may take up to 72 hours for delivery (either because of prior assignments, or the weight of the current assignment), but usually they're delivered sooner. Each image is edited to show the prospective buyer the properties full potential and beauty.

Please call Tom Hunter Photography direct (between 9am to 5pm) for rates and detailed information for your photography requirements.

(626) 825-2694

Please see Terms & Conditions.

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Remodeling and Home Design

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