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All assignments Include:

Photography Information:

Advertise with a 360x180 Panorama!

This is a great way to promote your business or property listing to potential clients. Advertising with a 360x180 Panorama will show a space in every direction (for potential customers or clients) to view.

Please call for more information.

Common Questions asked:

1.Why should I consider Tom Hunter Photography?

2.What should I do before the shoot?

3. Should the Photographer move things around?

4. Is there a price list?

5. How may I use my photographs?

6. Do I need a Contract?

7. How soon can I hire or cancel a job?

8. When must I pay the photographer?

1.Why should I consider THP?:

There are many companies offering photography services to Realtors. Some of them will charge less, however, because they charge less, chances are they will be working under time constraints and, often, quantity promises may severely limit their quality of work, or, they will be less experienced. Don't be fooled! While cheaper photography may suffice for a median home, the high end properties you are marketing deserve top quality photography and service.

2.What should I do before the shoot?:

Please clean & remove any unnessacery things (personal items, clutter. etc.) out of site & make sure all lighting is in working order.

A photographers checklist is provided by ASMP that can be very helpful.
(Download Checklist PDF)

3.Should the Photographer move things?:

Only if needed, it has been Tom's experience that staging a room will achieve professional results almost every time.

4. Is there a price list?:

Rates vary due to the complexity of each individual photo shoot. Travel, time on location, image quantity and workflow are all factored in, to determine the over all cost of the assignment.

Please View - Rates & Details

Please, feel free to give Tom Hunter Photography a call to discuss your needs.

5. How may I use my photographs?:

Each photograph (digital image file) is contracted for a specific usage. All real estate photography rates offers a one year, non- exclusive, non-transferable usage right to use the digital image files for Real Estate advertising only.
All rights reserved, © Tom Hunter Photography

All "Terms & Conditions" apply.

6. Do I need a Contract?:

Prior to shoot, a confirmed contract agreement must take place by e-mail with the client to avoid any legal or billing confusment at a later time.

7. How soon can I hire or cancel a job?:

When hiring or canceling a job, the Photographer must know (at least) 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. If necessary to cancel an appointment, please contact "Tom Hunter Photography" by phone or email in a timely manner (as described above) to avoid a "No Cancel" fee.

Please view - Terms & Conditions.

8. When must I pay the photographer?:

Payment is strictly due on the day of shoot (on location). Images will not be delivered until payment has been received in full.

This rule may be waived when a good standing relationship has been established with a repeat client.

Tom Hunter Photograpy excepts payment by Check or ZELLE banking service.

Please contact Tom Hunter Photography for additional information and booking.


Thank You

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Costs are based on workload requirements.

All images are contracted for a specific usage, and remain the sole property of © Tom Hunter Photography by copyright law.

It is unlawful to use any image by Tom Hunter Photography with out permission.